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Preview your frame choices on a computer screen in our Optical Department

Purchasing eyewear, while a necessity for many people, presents many challenges for consumers. They must explore an unmanageable array of options to find a compromise between fit, style, color, shape, price, etc. It is very difficult for users to find the one perfect pair of glasses for their unique taste, facial anatomy, and needs. They also often have difficulty visualizing what they try on because they need an optical prescription in the first place.

Our ABO certified Opticians can utilize a camera and screen system which lets you compare frames while trying on glasses. This is an easy-to-use method that provides a confident and enjoyable shopping experience which provides an aesthetic preview of the eyewear on a user on the computer screen. Once a frame selection has been made, the Optician is a trusted source to help ensure patients receive a custom fit to ensure comfort, quality and accuracy.