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Use Your Flex Spending Now

  • By Tamara Pelloni
  • 28 Oct, 2015
Have you used your flex spending this year?  Flexible Spending Accounts allow for a tax-free way to pay for out-of-pocket health-related expenses, such as eye care. These accounts, set up through your employer, can be used to fund:
Remember, Flexible Spending Accounts are renewed annually and do not allow for funds to be transferred to the next year. Be sure to check the balance of your FSA before your plan's year-end to not risk forfeiting your hard earned money.
Also, it is generally this time of the year that most employees are offered the option of enrolling in FSA plans, so be sure to plan ahead for next year's expenses, including your eye care needs.

By Tamara Pelloni 05 Jan, 2016
January is Glaucoma Awareness Month! Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness for people over 60 years old. But blindness from glaucoma can often be prevented with early treatment. Not sure what glaucoma is and how it impacts your sight? Here’s a simulation:…/…/glaucoma/vision-simulator.cfm
By Tamara Pelloni 21 Dec, 2015

HydroEye® is a unique, patented oral formulation that provides continuous relief for dry eye discomfort. HydroEye contains a proprietary blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants and other key nutrients that work together to support a healthy tear film. It is now available for sale in our office.  

Dr. Sray recommends HydroEye because they are produced by an established company, Science Based Health, and have published clinical studies that show significant benefits to patients. You can review the study  which found clinical benefit after six months of therapy in post-menopausal women with moderate to severe dry eye.

By Tamara Pelloni 14 Dec, 2015
The American Academy of Ophthalmology has declared December Safe Toys and Celebrations Month. Nearly 252,000 toy-related injuries were treated in U.S. emergency rooms in one year. Before you buy, learn which toys could cause harm:
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